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Amidst the Gloom, a Conservation Success Story – Three Years of Reef Check Oman

October 28, 2020

By Biosphere Expeditions It has been three years since Reef Check Oman was founded by graduates of Biosphere Expeditions’ placement program. Run by Omanis for Omanis, the chapter’s goal is…

From Alaska to Baja: Cooperative Research Effort Documents Kelp Migration

October 28, 2020

In a sweeping display of the power of community-based science to show the ocean-wide changes caused by warming waters, researchers from universities and organizations around the globe teamed up to…

The Reef Check Komodo Project is Born

October 28, 2020

By Divine Diving Nestled within the heart of the Coral Triangle is Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Indonesia of over 1,700 km2 encompassing 28 islands and…

New “Vanishing Kelp Forests” Infographic Available to Download

October 28, 2020

A new infographic shares the story of California’s vanishing kelp forests, depicting its shift from lush forests into urchin barrens. Northern California’s vast underwater kelp forests provide food and shelter…

Mantanani- Sustainable Islands in the Sun

October 28, 2020

Reprinted from Macaranga The clear seas of Mantanani are a joy to swim in, leading to the explosion in tourist numbers and boat operators (pic by Reef Check Malaysia). For…

Reef Check’s New Look!

August 31, 2020

Today, we are proud to present Reef Check’s new logo and website! Our new logo features the key elements of a diver, fish, coral reef and kelp forest and we…