Kelp forests need your help

Under the mounting pressure of climate change, ecosystems are changing, affecting the diverse marine life that depends on it. But with the devoted vigilance of our citizen scientists, Reef Check is ready to capture these changes and protect our iconic kelp forests. 

Kelp forests are essential to our local economy and your business.

Marine life isn’t the only thing that benefits from these kelp forests – people do too. The underwater ecosystem supports our communities through countless economic, recreational, educational, and intrinsic benefits, from fishing and tourism to scuba diving and birdwatching.

It’s time to unite.

We still have a window of time to turn the tide for kelp forests. Our approach is to collaborate with a range of partners— including schools, universities, tourism operators, environmental groups, government agencies, and individuals interested in marine conservation— working together to restore balance to these critical ecosystems.

Become a Kelp Forest Champion

Become part of a network of local and global organizations stepping up to be part of the solution by empowering more people to save our local kelp forests.

Everything connects to our oceans, and without fisheries and tourism, local businesses are significantly at risk. Through our long-term monitoring, restoration, and education programs Reef Check has the unique opportunity to identify key areas that are environmentally and economically important and intervene before more damage is done. With your support, we can work together to safeguard our natural resources now and for the future.

Jan Freiwald, PhD

Executive Director, Reef Check Foundation

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