Reef Check is offering scholarships to qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds. The goal of our scholarships is to increase diversity in science and provide opportunities for participation in Reef Check programs without financial barriers. It aligns with our pursuit of Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) in all that we do. 

Scholarships will cover the cost of a Reef Check Training or participation in Reef Check’s Dive into Science program. We also offer volunteers opportunities to utilize the skills acquired from these courses and put them into action to contribute to Reef Check’s mission to save our reefs.

Reef Check Training Scholarships are for certified SCUBA divers to participate in a Reef Check training to become a certified Reef Check Citizen Scientist.

Reef Check’s Dive into Science Scholarships are for individuals who are not yet SCUBA certified and will provide SCUBA training and subsequent diving experience, culminating in a Reef Check Citizen Scientist certification.

The Reef Check Scholarship Fund is made possible by generous donations from our supporters.

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Photo credit: Ron Reeves