Reef Check Kelp Forest Program Reef Check Tropical Annual Reports Other Publications

Reef Check Kelp Forest Program

Social-ecological vulnerability to environmental extremes and adaptation pathways in small-scale fisheries of the southern California Current

Frontiers in Marine Science, February 2024
Authors: Fiorenza Micheli, Andrea Saenz-Arroyo, Emilius Aalto, Rodrigo Beas-Luna, Charles A. Boch, Juan Camilo Cardenas, Giulio A. De Leo, Eduardo Diaz, Antonio Espinoza-Montes, Elena Finkbeiner, Jan Freiwald, Stuart Fulton, Arturo Hernandez, Amanda Lejbowicz, Natalie H. N. Low, Ramon Martinez, Bonnie McCay, Stephen Monismith, Magdalena Precoma-de la Mora, Alfonso Romero, Alexandra Smith, Jorge Torre, Leonardo Vazquez-Vera, C. Brock Woodson

Young-of-the-Year Rockfish Survey Program: 2022 Year in Review

NOAA, 2024
Authors: Paua Marine Research Group, NOAA

A roadmap for protecting and restoring 4 million hectares of kelp forests by 2040

Kelp Forest Challenge, December 2023
Authors: Kelp Forest Alliance

Dynamics of Temperature and Kelp Declines at Squaxin Island: Analysis of 2021-2022 monitoring data and implications for South Puget Sound kelp communities

Washington State Department of Natural Resources, June 2023
Authors: Timothy McClure, Helen Berry, Pete Dowty

Exposure to extremes in multiple global change drivers: Characterizing pH, dissolved oxygen, and temperature variability in a dynamic, upwelling dominated ecosystem

Limnology and Oceanography, May 2023
Authors: Kristy J. Kroeker, Emily M. Donham, Kate Vylet, Joseph K. Warren, Julia Cheresh, Jerome Fiechter, Jan Freiwald, Yuichiro Takeshita

The value of ecosystem services in global marine kelp forests

Nature Communications, April 2023
Authors: Aaron M. Eger, Ezequiel M. Marzinelli, Rodrigo Beas-Luna, Caitlin O. Blain, Laura K. Blamey, Jarrett E. K. Byrnes, Paul E. Carnell, Chang Geun Choi, Margot Hessing-Lewis, Kwang Young Kim, Naoki H. Kumagai, Julio Lorda, Pippa Moore, Yohei Nakamura, Alejandro Pérez-Matus, Ondine Pontier, Dan Smale, Peter D. Steinberg & Adriana Vergés

Population-specific vulnerability to ocean change in a multistressor environment

Science Advances, January 2023
Authors: Emily M. Donham, Iris Flores, Alexis Hooper, Evan O’Brien, Kate Vylet, Yuichiro Takeshita, Jan Freiwald, Kristy J. Kroeker

Use of management strategy evaluation to understand the value of citizen science in managing an iconic California recreational fishery

Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, October 2022
Authors: Lyall Bellquist, William J. Harford, Frank Hurd, Alexis Jackson, Jeremy D. Prince, Jan Freiwald, Anna Neumann, Jack Likins, Jono R. Wilson

Restoration of North Coast Bull Kelp Forests: A Partnership Based Approach

Reef Check Foundation, May 2022
Authors: Dr. Melissa Ward, Tristin Anoush McHugh, Dr. Kristen Elsmore, Michael Esgro, James Ray, Morgan Murphy-Cannella, Ian Norton, Dr. Jan Freiwald

Kelp Restoration Guidebook: Lessons Learned from Kelp Projects Around the World

The Nature Conservancy, 2022
Authors: Aaron M. Eger, Cayne Layton, Tristin Anoush McHugh, Mary Gleason, Norah Eddy

Global kelp forest restoration: past lessons, present status, and future directions

Biological Reviews, March 2022
Authors: Aaron M. Eger, Ezequiel M. Marzinelli, Hartvig Christie, Camilla W. Fagerli, Daisuke Fujita, Alejandra P. Gonzalez, Seok Woo Hong ,Jeong Ha Kim, Lynn C. Lee, Tristin Anoush McHugh, Gregory N. Nishihara, Masayuki Tatsumi, Peter D. Steinberg, Adriana Vergés

Disease-driven mass mortality event leads to widespread extirpation and variable recovery potential of a marine predator across the eastern Pacific

Proceedings of the Royal Society B, August 2021
Authors: S. L. Hamilton, V. R. Saccomanno, W. N. Heady, A. L. Gehman, S. I. Lonhart, R. Beas-Luna, F. T. Francis, L. Lee, L. Rogers-Bennett, A. K. Salomon and S. A. Gravem

IUCN Red List Assessment: Sunflower Sea Star (Pycnopodia helianthoides)

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, 2021
Authors: S.A. Gravem, W.N. Heady, V.R. Saccomanno, K.F. Alvstad, A.L.M. Gehman, T.N. Frierson and S.L. Hamilton

Reef Check California Instruction Manual: A Guide to Monitoring California’s Kelp Forests, 10th Edition

Reef Check Foundation, 10th Edition January 2021 (1st Edition June 2006)
Authors: Jan Freiwald, Selena McMillan, Dan Abbott

Large-scale shift in the structure of a kelp forest ecosystem co-occurs with an epizootic and marine heatwave

Communications Biology, March 2021
Authors: Meredith L. McPherson, Dennis J. I. Finger, Henry F. Houskeeper, Tom W. Bell, Mark H. Carr, Laura Rogers-Bennett & Raphael M. Kudela 

Revisiting the ‘bank of microscopic forms’ in macroalgal‐dominated ecosystems

Journal of Phycology, November 2020
Authors: Kathryn M. Schoenrock, Tristin Anoush McHugh, Stacy A. Krueger‐Hadfield

Geographic variation in responses of kelp forest communities of the California Current to recent climatic changes

Global Change Biology, September 2020
Authors: Rodrigo Beas‐Luna, Fiorenza Micheli, C. Brock Woodson, Mark Carr, Dan Malone, Jorge Torre, Charles Boch, Jennifer E. Caselle, Matt Edwards, Jan Freiwald, Scott L. Hamilton, Arturo Hernandez, Brenda Konar, Kristy J. Kroeker, Julio Lorda, Gabriela Montaño‐Moctezuma, Guillermo Torres‐Moye

Reef Check California Instruction Manual: A Guide to Monitoring California’s Kelp Forests, 9th Edition

Reef Check Foundation, 9th Edition April 2019 (1st Edition June 2006)
Authors: Jan Freiwald, Selena McMillan, Dan Abbott, Tristin McHugh, Katie Kozma

Shifts in the distribution and abundance of coastal marine species along the eastern Pacific Ocean during marine heatwaves from 2013 to 2018

Marine Biodiversity Records, July 2019
Authors: Steve I. Lonhart, Rikke Jeppesen, Rodrigo Beas-Luna, Jeffrey A. Crooks & Julio Lorda

Geographic variation in demography of black perch (Embiotoca jacksoni): Effects of density, food availability, predation, and fishing

Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, July 2019
Authors: Darren W.Johnson, Brian S. Stirling, Janelle Paz, Darien R. Satterfield

Sonoma-Mendocino Bull Kelp Recovery Plan

Plan for the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, April 2019
Authors: R. Hohman, S. Hutto, C. Catton, and F. Koe

A mass-balanced food web model for a kelp forest ecosystem near its southern distributional limit in the northern hemisphere

Food Webs, December 2018
Authors: Ainoa Vilalta-Navas, Rodrigo Beas-Luna, Luis E. Calderon-Aguilera, Lydia Ladah, Fiorenza Micheli, Villy Christensen, Jorge Torre

Citizen science monitoring of marine protected areas: Case studies and recommendations for integration into monitoring programs

Marine Ecology, May 2018
Authors: Jan Freiwald, Ryan Meyer, Jennifer E. Caselle, Carol A. Blanchette, Kevin Hovel, Doug Neilson, Jenifer Dugan, Jessica Altstatt, Karina Nielsen, Julie Bursek

Biogeographic patterns of communities across diverse marine ecosystems in southern California

Marine Ecology, May 2018
Authors: Jeremy T. Claisse, Carol A. Blanchette, Jenifer E. Dugan, Jonathan P. Williams, Jan Freiwald, Daniel J. Pondella II, Nicholas K. Schooler, David M. Hubbard, Kathryn Davis, Laurel A. Zahn, Chelsea M. Williams, Jennifer E. Caselle

Reef Check California: Citizen Scientist monitoring of rocky reefs and kelp forests: Creating a baseline for California’s North Coast MPAs

Report to California Sea Grant (Project # R/MPA-34, Grant # C0100100), May 2017
Authors: Jan Freiwald, Anna Neumann

Long-Term Studies Contribute Disproportionately to Ecology and Policy

BioScience, March 2017
Authors: Brent B. Hughes, Rodrigo Beas-Luna, Allison K. Barner, Kimberly Brewitt, Daniel R. Brumbaugh, Elizabeth B. Cerny-Chipman, Sarah L. Close, Kyle E. Coblentz, Kristin L. de Nesnera, Sarah T. Drobnitch, Jared D. Figurski, Becky Focht, Maya Friedman, Jan Freiwald, Kristen K. Heady, Walter N. Heady, Annaliese Hettinger, Angela Johnson, Kendra A. Karr, Brenna Mahoney, Monica M. Moritsch, Ann-Marie K. Osterback, Jessica Reimer, Jonathan Robinson, Tully Rohrer, Jeremy M. Rose, Megan Sabal, Leah M. Segui, Chenchen Shen, Jenna Sullivan, Rachel Zuercher, Peter T. Raimondi, Bruce A. Menge, Kirsten Grorud-Colvert, Mark Novak, Mark H. Carr

Northward range extension of the crowned sea urchin (Centrostephanus coronatus) to Monterey Bay, California

California Fish and Game, May 2016
Authors: Jan Freiwald, Colleen J. Wisniewski, Dan Abbott

Genetic diversity affects the strength of population regulation in a marine fish

Ecology, March 2016
Authors: D. W. Johnson, J. Freiwald, G. Bernardi

Perspectives in marine citizen science

Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education, March 2016
Authors: Michael Bear

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Condition Report Partial Update: A New Assessment of the State of Sanctuary Resources 2015

U.S. Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries, December 2015
Authors: Office of National Marine Sanctuaries

Range expansion of a non-native, invasive macroalga Sargassum horneri (Turner) C. Agardh, 1820 in the eastern Pacific

BioInvasions Records, October 2015
Authors: Lindsay M. Marks, Paulina Salinas-Ruiz, Daniel C. Reed, Sally J. Holbrook, Carolynn S. Culver, John M. Engle, David J. Kushner, Jennifer E. Caselle, Jan Freiwald, Jonathan P. Williams, Jayson R. Smith, Luis E. Aguilar-Rosas and Nikolas J. Kaplanis

Status of Rocky Reef Ecosystems in California 2006 – 2011

Reef Check Foundation, 2013
Authors: Jan Freiwald, Megan Wehrenberg, Colleen Wisniewski, Gregor Hodgson

Evidence That Marine Reserves Enhance Resilience to Climatic Impacts

PLoS ONE, July 2012
Authors: Fiorenza Micheli , Andrea Saenz-Arroyo, Ashley Greenley, Leonardo Vazquez, Jose Antonio Espinoza Montes, Marisa Rossetto, Giulio A. De Leo

Comparing volunteer and professionally collected monitoring data from the rocky subtidal reefs of Southern California, USA

Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, July 2011
Authors: David J. Gillett, Daniel J. Pondella II, Jan Freiwald, Kenneth C. Schiff, Jennifer E. Caselle, Craig Shuman, Stephen B. Weisberg

Reef Check California 2006-2007: Citizen Monitoring to Improve Marine Conservation

Reef Check Foundation, 2008
Authors: Craig Shuman, Colleen Wisniewski, William Golden, Chris Knight, Jenny Mihaly, Gregor Hodgson

Reef Check Tropical

Pelatihan Pengamatan Kondisi Terumbu Karang Menggunakan Metode Reef Check di Taman Nasional Taka Bonerate, Sulawesi Selatan

Journal of Community Development, August 2024
Authors: Hanityo Adi Nugroho, Muhammad Yusuf, Aulia Seto Sandhi Sanova, Aditano Yani Retawimbi, Bayu Munandar, Elsa Lusia Agus

Vanishing Giants: An assessment on the population status of giant clams across Malaysia

Regional Studies in Marine Science, April 2024
Authors: Li Keat Lee, Mei Lin Neo, Kieng Soon Hii, Haifeng Gu, Chaolun Allen Chen, Po Teen Lim, Chui Pin Leaw

Marine Citizen Science and the Conservation of Mediterranean Corals: The Relevance of Training, Expert Validation, and Robust Sampling Protocols

Environmental Management, March 2024
Authors: Laura Figuerola-Ferrando, Cristina Linares, Yanis Zentner, Paula López-Sendino & Joaquim Garrabou

Five Decades Behind the Limelight: Crown-Of-Thorns Sea Star Outbreaks Razing the Already Ailing Philippine Reefs

The Philippine Journal of Fisheries, February 2024
Authors: Jovie E. Nicolas, Vivia Anne Lourdes O. Pepingco, Chona Camille Vince Cruz–Abeledo

Incidence of ghost nets in the Tioman Island Marine Park of Malaysia

The Palawan Scientist, February 2024
Authors: Alvin J. Chelliah, Sue Y. Chen, Shahir Yaman, Roger G. Dolorosa

Marine protected areas promote stability of reef fish communities under climate warming

Nature Communications, February 2024
Authors: Lisandro Benedetti-Cecchi, Amanda E. Bates, Giovanni Strona, Fabio Bulleri, Barbara Horta e Costa, Graham J. Edgar, Bernat Hereu, Dan C. Reed, Rick D. Stuart-Smith, Neville S. Barrett, David J. Kushner, Michael J. Emslie, Jose Antonio García-Charton, Emanuel J. Gonçalves & Eneko Aspillaga

Incidence of ghost nets in the Tioman Island Marine Park of Malaysia

The Palawan Scientist, February 2024
Authors: Alvin J. Chelliah1, Sue Y. Chen, Shahir Yaman and Roger G. Dolorosa

Adopting Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) using coral health assessment as indicator: A case study in Pulau Redang Marine Park, Malaysia

Ocean & Coastal Management, December 2023
Authors: Farhana Razak, Wei Yien Lua, Nor Hafzan Abd Rasid, Nazli Aziz, Izarenah Md Repin, Xiong-Zhi Xue, Abdul Rahman Muhammad Ashraf, Zainudin Bachok, Aminudin Afiq-Firdaus, Wan Izatul Asma Wan Talaat, Abdul Rahman Abdul Latip, Che Din Mohd Safuan

Building the Case for Expanding Marine Conservation Areas: An Urgent Call in the ASEAN Region

ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity and The Pew Charitable Trusts, November 2023
Authors: V. Hilomen & E. Peñaflor

Conditions of Megabenthos on Coral Reef Ecosystem in Seribu Islands National Park, Jakarta, Indonesia

BIO Web of Conferences, November 2023
Authors: Dedy Kurniawan, Risandi Dwirama Putra, Rikoh Manogar Siringoringo, Ni Wayan Purnama Sari, Muhammad Abrar, Jumsurizal Jumsurizal, Try Febrianto and Hasnarika Hasnarika

Assessment of macrobenthos diversity and a zoning proposal for Seixas coral reefs (northeastern Brazil)

Marine Pollution Bulletin, August 2023
Authors: Maria Cecilia Silva Souza, Karina Massei, Pedro Costa Guedes Vianna, Celso Augusto Guimarães Santos, Manoranjan Mishra, Richarde Marques da Silva

Decadal stability in coral cover could mask hidden changes on reefs in the East Asian Seas

Communications Biology, June 2023
Authors: Y.K.S. Chan, Y.A. Affendi, P.O. Ang, et al.

A global analysis of coral bleaching patterns in association with mangrove environments under global warming

Ecography, March 2023
Authors: Jack V. Johnson, Jaimie T. A. Dick and Daniel Pincheira-Donoso

Environmental Impact Assessment of Tourism Development in Marine Protected Areas: A Case Study of Tioman Island Marine Park

Bioresources and Environment, February 2023
Authors: Azniza Ahmad Zaini, Mohd Iqbal Mohd Noor, Badli Esham Ahmad & Amira Mas Ayu Amir Mustafa

Benthic composition changes on coral reefs at global scales

Nature Ecology & Evolution, January 2023
Authors: Sterling B. Tebbett, Sean R. Connolly & David R. Bellwood

Appraisal of coral bleaching thresholds and thermal projections for the northern Red Sea refugia

Frontiers in Marine Science, November 2022
Authors: Ahmed Eladawy, Takashi Nakamura, Mohamed Shaltout, Asmaa Mohammed, Kazuo Nadaoka, Michael D. Fox and Eslam O. Osman

Current status of the coral reef ecosystem in Gresik Regency, East Java

AACL Bioflux, August 2022
Authors: Sukandar, Pratama D. Samuel, Citra S. U. Dewi, Imas D. Pratiwi, Muhamad C. Anam, Jessica E. Beno, Riska Fatmawati

Coral reef health in the Republic of Haiti : report 2020 and 2021

Fundación Propagas, 2022
Authors: Gregor Hodgson, Ruben Torres

Marine protected areas do not buffer corals from bleaching under global warming

BMC Ecology and Evolution, May 2022
Authors: Jack V. Johnson, Jaimie T. A. Dick, Daniel Pincheira-Donoso

Population status and genetic diversity of two endangered giant clams (Tridacna squamosa and Tridacna maxima) on the fringing reefs of Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, April 2022
Authors: Li Keat Lee, Mei Lin Neo, Zhen Fei Lim, Kieng Soon Hii, Hong Chang Lim, Albert Apollo Chan, Haifeng Gu, Po Teen Lim, Chui Pin Leaw

Local anthropogenic stress does not exacerbate coral bleaching under global climate change

Global Ecology and Biogeography, March 2022
Authors: Jack V. Johnson, Jaimie T. A. Dick, Daniel Pincheira-Donoso

A century of warming on Caribbean reefs

PLOS Climate, March 2022
Authors: Colleen B. Bove , Laura Mudge, John F. Bruno

Present and future bright and dark spots for coral reefs through climate change

Global Change Biology, February 2022
Authors: Shannon Sully, Gregor Hodgson, Robert van Woesik

A global coral-bleaching database, 1980–2020

Scientific Data, January 2022
Authors: Robert van Woesik & Chelsey Kratochwill

Coral reef benthic community changes in the Anthropocene: Biogeographic heterogeneity, overlooked configurations, and methodology

Global Change Biology, December 2021
Authors: Miriam Reverter, Stephanie B. Helber, Sven Rohde, Jasper M. de Goeij, Peter J. Schupp

Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2020

October 2021
Author: Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network

The Reef Check Mediterranean Underwater Coastal Environment Monitoring Protocol

Frontiers in Marine Science, August 2021
Authors: Eva Turicchia, Massimo Ponti, Gianfranco Rossi, Martina Milanese, Cristina Gioia Di Camillo and Carlo Cerrano

Local conditions magnify coral loss after marine heatwaves

Science, May 2021
Authors: Mary K. Donovan, Deron E. Burkepile, Chelsey Kratochwill, Tom Shlesinger, Shannon Sully, Thomas A. Oliver, Gregor Hodgson, Jan Freiwald, Robert van Woesik

11-yr of coral community dynamics in reefs around Dahab (Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea): the collapse of urchins and rise of macroalgae and cyanobacterial mats

Coral Reefs, December 2020
Authors: Miriam Reverter, Matthew Jackson, Nauras Daraghmeh, Christian von Mach, Nina Milton

Synergic effect of global thermal anomalies and local dredging activities on coral reefs of the Maldives

Marine Pollution Bulletin, November 2020
Authors: Irene Pancrazi, Hassan Ahmed, Carlo Cerrano, Monica Montefalcone

Co-Management as a Successful Strategy for Marine Conservation

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, July 2020
Authors: William Voorberg and Reinout Van der Veer

Conservation value of a subtropical reef in south-eastern Queensland, Australia, highlighted by citizen-science efforts

Marine and Freshwater Research, May 2020
Authors: Monique G. G. Grol, Julie Vercelloni, Tania M. Kenyon, Elisa Bayraktarov, Cedric P. van den Berg, Daniel Harris, Jennifer A. Loder, Morana Mihaljević, Phebe I. Rowland and Chris M. Roelfsema

A novel low-cost, high-precision sea temperature sensor for coral reef monitoring

Bulletin of Marine Science, January 2020
Authors: James Hendee, Natchanon Amornthammarong, Lewis Gramer, Andrea Gomez

Gili Shark Conservation Technical Report 2019

January 2020
Authors: Raditya Andrean Saputra

Coral Reef Monitoring, Reef Assessment Technologies, and Ecosystem-Based Management

Frontiers in Marine Science, September 2019
Authors: David O. Obura, Greta Aeby, Natchanon Amornthammarong, Ward Appeltans, Nicholas Bax, Joe Bishop, Russell E. Brainard, Samuel Chan, Pamela Fletcher, Timothy A. C. Gordon, Lew Gramer, Mishal Gudka, John Halas, James Hendee, Gregor Hodgson, Danwei Huang, Mike Jankulak, Albert Jones, Tadashi Kimura, Joshua Levy, Patricia Miloslavich, Loke Ming Chou, Frank Muller-Karger, Kennedy Osuka, Melita Samoilys, Stephen D. Simpson, Karenne Tun and Supin Wongbusarakum

Evidence of coral bleaching avoidance, resistance and recovery in the Maldives during the 2016 mass-bleaching event

Marine Ecology Progress Series, September 2019
Authors: Benjamin Cowburn, Charlotte Moritz, Gabriel Grimsditch, Jean-Luc Solandt

Stock estimation, species composition and biodiversity of target reef fishes in the lesser Sunda-Banda Seascape (East Flores, Alor and South West Maluku regencies), Indonesia

IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 2019
Authors: F Setiawan, Muhidin, S Agustina, J Pingkan, Estradivari, S A Tarigan, E Muttaqin, T Wijanarko, Khaifin, N Wisesa, A Y Retrawimbi, H Akhrari, S Sadewa

The status of coral reefs and seagrass meadows in the Kep Archipelago, Cambodia (pp 24-39)

Cambodian Journal of Natural History, June 2019
Authors: A.E.A. Reid, A. Haissoune & P. Ferber

End of Year report: International Year of the Reef 2018

International Coral Reef Initiative, June 2019
Authors: C. Rumsey and F. Staub, (Eds.).

A global analysis of coral bleaching over the past two decades

Nature Communications, March 2019
Authors: S. Sully, D. E. Burkepile, M. K. Donovan, G. Hodgson, R. van Woesik

Making waves: Marine citizen science for impact

Frontiers in Marine Science, May 2017
Authors: Marie-Lise Schläppy, Jennifer Loder, Jodi Salmond, Alexandra Lea, Angela J. Dean and Chris M. Roelfsema

Reliability and utility of citizen science reef monitoring data collected by Reef Check Australia, 2002–2015

Marine Pollution Bulletin, April 2017
Authors: Terence Done, Chris Roelfsema, Andrew Harvey, Laura Schuller, Jocelyn Hill, Marie-LiseSchläppy, Alexandra Lea, Anne Bauer-Civiello, Jennifer Loder

Tropical dead zones and mass mortalities on coral reefs

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, April 2017
Authors: Andrew H. Altieri, Seamus B. Harrison, Janina Seemann, Rachel Collin, Robert J. Diaz, Nancy Knowlton

Baseline reef health surveys at Bangka Island (North Sulawesi, Indonesia) reveal new threats

PeerJ, October 2016
Authors: Massimo Ponti​, Francesca Fratangeli, Nicolò Dondi, Marco Segre Reinach, Clara Serra, Michael J. Sweet

A Citizen Science Approach: A Detailed Ecological Assessment of Subtropical Reefs at Point Lookout, Australia

PLoS ONE, October 2016
Authors: Chris Roelfsema, Ruth Thurstan, Maria Beger, Christine Dudgeon, Jennifer Loder, Eva Kovacs, Michele Gallo, Jason Flower, K-le Gomez Cabrera, Juan Ortiz, Alexandra Lea, Diana Kleine

Current status of coral reefs in Tioman Island, Peninsular Malaysia

Turkish Journal of Zoology, September 2016
Authors: Shahbudin Saad, Fikri Akmal Khodzori, Faris Salleh, Normawaty Mohammad Noor, Yukinori Mukai

Bridging for better conservation fit in Indonesia’s coastal-marine systems

Frontiers in Marine Science, June 2016
Authors: Samantha Berdej and Derek Armitage

Citizens & Reef Science: A Celebration of Reef Check Australia’s volunteer reef monitoring, education and conservation programs 2001-2014

Reef Check Australia, 2015
Authors: J. Loder, T. Done, A. Lea, A. Bauer, J. Salmond, J. Hill, L. Galway, E. Kovacs, J. Roberts, M. Walker, S. Mooney, A. Pribyl, M.L.Schläppy

Comparing monitoring data collected by volunteers and professionals shows that citizen scientists can detect long-term change on coral reefs

Journal for Nature Conservation, April 2015
Authors: Graham Forrester, Patricia Baily, Dennis Conetta, Linda Forrester, Elizabeth Kintzing, Lianna Jareckie

Indirect effects of overfishing on Caribbean reefs: sponges overgrow reef-building corals

PeerJ, April 2015
Authors: Tse-Lynn Loh, Steven E. McMurray, Timothy P. Henkel, Jan Vicente, Joseph R. Pawlik​

Thresholds in Caribbean coral reefs: Implications for ecosystem-based fishery management

Journal of Applied Ecology, December 2014
Authors: Kendra A. Karr, Rod Fujita, Benjamin S. Halpern, Carrie V. Kappel, Larry Crowder, Kimberly A. Selkoe, Pedro M. Alcolado, Doug Rader

Assessing habitat risk from human activities to inform coastal and marine spatial planning: a demonstration in Belize

Environmental Research Letters, 2014
Authors: Katie K Arkema, Gregory Verutes, Joanna R Bernhardt, Chantalle Clarke, Samir Rosado, Maritza Canto, Spencer A Wood, Mary Ruckelshaus, Amy Rosenthal, Melanie McField, Joann de Zegher

Reef communities after the 2010 mass coral bleaching at Racha Yai Island in the Andaman Sea and Koh Tao in the Gulf of Thailand

Phuket Marine Biological Center Research Bulletin, 2012
Authors: Suchana Chavanich, Voranop Viyakarn, Paul Adams, Joel Klammer, Nathan Cook

Episodic heterogeneous decline and recovery of coral cover in the Indian Ocean

Coral Reefs, June 2011
Authors: M. Ateweberhan, T. R. McClanahan, N. A. J. Graham, C. R. C. Sheppard

2010 Annual Report, Reef Check Foundation Indonesia

Reef Check Indonesia, 2011
Authors: J. Sartin, D. Purwita, D. Sri and R.H. Pamungkas

Reefs at Risk Revisted

World Resources Institute, 2011
Authors: L. Burke, K. Reytar, M. Spalding and A. Perry

Caribbean Corals in Crisis: Record Thermal Stress, Bleaching, and Mortality in 2005

PLoS ONE, November 2010
Authors: C. Mark Eakin, Jessica A. Morgan, Scott F. Heron, Tyler B. Smith, Gang Liu, et al.

Community Sustainable Management of La Caleta National Marine Park

Reef Check Dominican Republic Foundation, 2010
Authors: R.E. Torres and V. Ulloa

Coastal Capital: Dominican Republic. Case studies on the economic value of coastal ecosystems in the Dominican Republic

World Resources Institute, 2010
Authors: J. Wielgus, E. Cooper, R. Torres and L. Burke

Regional spatio-temporal trends in Caribbean coral reef benthic communities

Marine Ecology Progress Series, March 2010
Authors: VGW Schutte, Elizabeth R Selig, John F Bruno

A Global Analysis of the Effectiveness of Marine Protected Areas in Preventing Coral Loss

PLoS ONE, February 2010
Authors: Elizabeth R. Selig, John F. Bruno

Foraminiferal assemblage and reef check census in coral reef health monitoring of East Brazilian margin

Marine Micropaleontology, October 2009
Authors: Cátia Fernandes Barbosa, Martina de Freitas Prazeres, Beatrice Padovani Ferreira, José Carlos Sícoli Seoane

Assessing evidence of phase shifts from coral to macroalgal dominance on coral reefs

Ecology, June 2009
Authors: John F. Bruno, Hugh Sweatman, William F. Precht, Elizabeth R. Selig, Virginia G.W. Schutte

Evaluation of the effectiveness of three underwater reef fish monitoring methods in Fiji

Biodiversity and Conservation, May 2009
Authors: Marc Léopold, A. Cakacaka, S. Meo, J. Sikolia, D. Lecchini

Patterns of recovery from the 1998 coral bleaching event and MPA performance in the Maldives

Marine Conservation Society, 2009
Authors: J.L. Solandt, R. Bryning, H. Whiteley, C. Wood, J. England, and B. Beukers-Stewart

First record of the Indo-Pacific red lionfish Pterois volitans (Linnaeus, 1758) for the Dominican Republic

Aquatic Invasions, July 2008
Authors: Kelvin A. Guerrero, Ángel Luís Franco

One-Third of Reef-Building Corals Face Elevated Extinction Risk from Climate Change and Local Impacts

Science Express. July 2008
Authors: Kent E. Carpenter, Muhammad Abrar, Greta Aeby, Richard B. Aronson, Stuart Banks, Andrew Bruckner, Angel Chiriboga, Jorge Cortés, J. Charles Delbeek, Lyndon DeVantier, Graham J. Edgar, Alasdair J. Edwards, Douglas Fenner, Héctor M. Guzmán, Bert W. Hoeksema, Gregor Hodgson, Ofri Johan, Wilfredo Y. Licuanan, Suzanne R. Livingstone, Edward R. Lovell, Jennifer A. Moore, David O. Obura, Domingo Ochavillo, Beth A. Polidoro, William F. Precht, Miledel C. Quibilan, Clarissa Reboton, Zoe T. Richards, Alex D. Rogers, Jonnell Sanciangco, Anne Sheppard, Charles Sheppard, Jennifer Smith, Simon Stuart, Emre Turak, John E. N. Veron, Carden Wallace, Ernesto Weil, Elizabeth Wood

Reefs at risk in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia – status and outlook

Proceedings of the 11th International Coral Reef Symposium, July 2008
Authors: Abigail Moore, Samliok Ndobe

Theme section on “Ocean Acidification and Coral Reefs”

Coral Reefs, June 2008
Authors: K. E. Fabricius

Status of the Mesoamerican Reef after the 2005 coral bleaching event

Status of Caribbean Coral Reefs after Bleaching and Hurricanes in 2005, 2008
Authors: Melanie McField, Nadia Bood, Ana Fonseca, Alejandro Arrivillaga, Albert Franquesa Rinos, Rosa Maria Loreto Viruel

Status of Coral Reefs of the World: 2008

Global Coral Reef Monitoring Network, 2008
Authors: C. Wilkinson

Maldives Reef Survey – June 13-30th 2008

Marine Conservation Society, 2008
Authors: J.L. Solandt and C. Wood

Assessment of the status of Kalawy Bay’s fringing reef, Safaga, Egypt

Reef Check Germany, 2008
Authors: Reef Check Germany e.V.

2008 Expedition Report: Diving the Caribbean to safeguard the coral reef of the Cayos Cochinos marine protected area, Honduras

Biosphere Expeditions, 2009
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Annual Reports

Other Publications

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