December 12, 2007

Year in Review: Reef Check Indonesia

Submitted by Reef Check Indonesia

The Reef Check Indonesia Foundation has two programs: Coastal Empowerment and the Tourism & Education Program. For the past 2 1/2 years, they have been working with many stakeholders to develop these programs.

For the Coastal Empowerment Program, Reef Check Indonesia does a lot of work with the reef and ornamental fish community, especially in Bali, Kepulauan Seribu, Lampung, and Padang. Through this collaboration, they are facilitating and encouraging the development of fishing ground conservation and sustainable habitat management.

The Tourism & Education Program is similar. Today, the interest of the public and the tourism community in marine environmental education and eco-friendly tourism has seen sharp increases. Starting in Bali and working closely with tourism partners, Reef Check Indonesia has developed a standard system and policy for the development of the EcoAction program. There have been many innovative partnerships that have come out of these collaborations.

In June, Reef Check Indonesia held an underwater photo exposition called Go Blue Beyond the Reef that aimed to raise awareness and encourage conservation.

In August, 7000 comic books were distributed to children in Bantul, Jogyakarta. The books illustrate the importance of the coastal ecosystem and its ability to reduce tsunami wave energy. The comic also highlights signs of impending tsunamis that people should be aware of.

There were also a number of trainings that certified 95 divers as Reef Check Trainers, Team Leaders or EcoDivers. See the chart below for a breakdown.

Reef Check Indonesia would not have seen the success they have in 2007 if not for the work and spirit of their partners. We hope these close collaborations will continue for years to come! For more information, contact

Reef Check “Reef Indonesia” team, Weh Island, Aceh (Photo: RC Indonesia)
In August, 7000 comic books were given to children in Bantul, Jogyakarta (Photo: RC Indonesia)