August 31, 2021

Yakumi Global Fund to Benefit Reef Check

Yakumi, the premium, fast-casual sushi concept located in Burbank, California recently announced the launch of its charity initiative, the Yakumi Global Fund, a conscious decision to help shape the future of hospitality and the fast-fine restaurant culture. Yakumi is committed to making mindful business decisions regarding sustainability and seeking unique opportunities to protect the world’s most important resource – the ocean.

The Yakumi Global Fund will donate a portion of proceeds from each location (a second restaurant in Santa Monica is opening later this year) to a selected charity and this quarter’s designated partner is Reef Check Foundation.

Reef Check’s Executive Director Jan Freiwald says, “Reef Check shares the commitment of the Yakumi Global Fund to ensure a sustainable and healthy future for our reefs and oceans. Ecologically sound and economically sustainable solutions for reef conservation and restoration will benefit not only the species in the ocean, but also the human communities who rely on them as well. Through this partnership, we look forward to being able to do even more to monitor the health of our ocean here in California and all over the world.”