November 6, 2007

Yacht Aid Delivers Reef Check Adventures Books to Kids in Panama

Yacht Aid Global, a charity based in Encinitas California, recently made a delivery to Isla Nalunega in the San Blas Islands of Panama. Motor Yacht DESTINY was provided with school supplies and dozens of copies of the kids booklet “Aventuras Reef Check”. The Owner, Captain and crew hand delivered the goods in mid August to the islanders.

Yacht Aid and sister company C2C Inc work with large luxury yachts. C2C provides streamlined goods and services to yachts operating between Panama and Alaska. During the fall months, customers of C2C depart San Diego bound for points south. Yacht Aid sources school supplies and puts those goods aboard yachts with a specific pre planned destination. 

Many of the locations that the large yachts visit do not have a good awareness of conservation and preservation of their near shore ocean environment. With the help of Reef Check and their “Aventuras Reef Check”, a difference is being made. The objective of these deliveries is two fold. First, for the local kids to grow up with conservation and preservation in mind. And second, to make the yacht Owners, Captain and Crew aware that by engaging with Yacht Aid and Reef Check, they are much more that just a visitor to the areas they cruise.

Reef Check looks forward to working with Yacht Aid on more trips like this in the future!