July 11, 2012

Vote for Reef Check in the 4th Annual CLASSY Awards!

Once again, the Reef Check Foundation has been recognized for its philanthropic work towards the conservation and monitoring of reefs around the world. Reef Check has been chosen as a finalist for the 4th Annual CLASSY Awards! With your help, Reef Check can gain worldwide recognition, media exposure, and widespread program growth. All we need are your votes!

Visit http://www.stayclassy.org/classy-awards/vote and select “West”. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page to find the “Environmental Protection” section, and cast your vote for the Reef Check Foundation. 

Your votes will help Reef Check continue its work to examine and record the health of coral and rocky reefs!

Voting ends July 26.

A CLASSY Award is one of the most prestigious recognitions within the nonprofit industry. The CLASSYs have become a nationally-recognized honor, awarded to the most outstanding and compelling philanthropic achievers by their peers and supporters. Beyond this recognition, the intrinsic value of the CLASSY Awards lies in the opportunity for charitable organizations to tell their stories and spread awareness for their causes.