Now that you have completed your underwater surveys using Reef Check’s Underwater Reef Guide, let’s put your hard work into action! By submitting your data, you can assist the Reef Check scientists in tracking global coral reef health. Here’s how it works: There are two separate data sheets, one for each survey option. If you completed your survey using the checklist option (checking off each reef creature when you see it) then select the Organism Checklist data sheet. If you used the tally option (identified and counted the abundances of each organism), select the Organism Tally data sheet.

Once you have chosen the appropriate data sheet, simply enter your data from the underwater guide slate onto the form.

Checklist data sheet: Click yes if the organism was present or no if you did not see that organism.

Tally data sheet: enter the total number of each individual found in the corresponding box. If you did not find a particular organism, put a zero in the box. Welcome to the realm of underwater data collection!

Pacific Guide

Caribbean Guide