July 25, 2008

Training Kicks Off Reef Check Cambodia Program

Submitted by Paul Ferber & Bart Kluskens

Enthusiastic volunteers took the first step in creating a Reef Check team in Cambodia with a training weekend held on the 5th and 6th of July in Sinoukville, Cambodia. A group of volunteers were trained by a tropical marine ecologist from the Ministry of Fisheries (FiA), who was very happy to see the support and interest from these individuals in conserving Cambodia’s marine resources. The Ministry of Fisheries is hoping to develop a lasting relationship with the team, which consist of scientists, conservationists and professional divers, to perform data collection in support the FiA’s objectives. With the training complete, the group of scientists has received further support from the Dive Shop Cambodia, who is giving human and logistical support to collect as much data as possible from a number of sites around the islands off Sinoukville.

This is a great step toward marine protection and all participants felt it was an incredibly positive day. Both the marine science team and the FiA are looking forward to a productive working relationship to conserve the marine environment of Cambodia.