October 28, 2020

The Reef Check Komodo Project is Born

By Divine Diving

survey team divers

Nestled within the heart of the Coral Triangle is Komodo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Indonesia of over 1,700 km2 encompassing 28 islands and some of the most diverse, densely populated marine life on the planet. The area however does not come without its challenges. From the threats of fish stock depletion, tourism impacts and climate change- like so many other coral reefs across the globe- the park and its reefs has been in need of a long-term monitoring program for many years.

Recently, the management team of the Reef Check EcoDiver Training Facility Divine Diving in Komodo began piloting a project that has since made history in the country by being the first organization to have ever been permitted to carry out scientific survey work inside an Indonesian National Park and World Heritage site.

diver during survey

Wholly funded by the forward-thinking tourism authority Bandan Otorita Pariwasata (BOP) for Labuan Bajo, this project is allowing the team to facilitate the training of 10 local Indonesians as citizen scientists and Reef Check EcoDivers, present a knowledge-based workshop for locals, and conduct no less than 56 full Reef Check Surveys over 33 unique sites from March to December.

Marij Aben, Director of Divine Diving and Program Leader for Reef Check Komodo said, “We are incredibly proud to be working alongside both the BOP and National Park Officers, allowing Reef Check to touch the hearts and minds of our local people and to pay-it-forward to Mother Earth.”