August 28, 2018

The Bluemoon Adventure Offers New Diving Adventure Tailored for Women

Submitted by Catherine Edsell, Cathadventure

Catherine Edsell FRGS, expedition leader, Reef Check EcoDiver Trainer, PADI Divemaster and yoga teacher from Cathadventure has teamed up with Ida Vincent, fellow expedition leader, Marine Biologist and PADI Divemaster to bring women a new sub-aqua adventure on the reefs of Mangili, Southwest Madagascar, during March 1-10, 2019.

Coral reef conservation has always been a huge passion for both women. While surveying the reefs of the Maldives last summer, they had an idea. Catherine already leads all-women adventures in the Namibian wilderness tracking desert elephants, so they thought, why not extend the model to the underwater realm?

The Bluemoon Adventure will be an all-female team, contributing to existing monitoring efforts around the globe, while enjoying the sisterhood of like-minded women. The name ‘Bluemoon’ refers to a species of parrotfish endemic to the region, but it also conjures up the idea of the cyclical connection with the moon and the tides. Catherine and Ida acknowledge the need for a balance between work and play, relaxation and conservation, activity and calm, so they will offer this balance on their expedition.  Early morning yoga on the beach will be followed by classroom study of coral reef ecology and the Reef Check EcoDiver training course, and then followed by dives twice a day.  For more details, go to

  Ida Vincent Catherine Edsell