April 20, 2017

Spots Available on EcoExpedition to Indonesia!

Reef Check Italy is offering an EcoExpedition to Bangka, North Sulawesi, Indonesia from October 28 to November 5, 2017. Participants will enjoy nine days of day and night dives, lectures, seminars, as well as practice sessions in the lab. This English language course aims to:

– Provide the basic knowledge for identification of hard corals and their diseases;
– Present an overview of the well-established coral reef monitoring approaches, including Reef Check and Coral Watch protocols;
– Teach application of these methods underwater;
– Contribute to the monitoring and conservation of the coral reefs at the Bangka outpost.

The cost of the trip is €1007, which includes all accommodations, teaching materials, Reef Check EcoDiver certification, and a small donation to the Bangka Conservation Foundation. The course represents the combined efforts of Reef Check Italia, the Faculty of Fisheries and Marine Sciences of the Sam Ratulangi University (FFMS-UNSRAT), Manado, Indonesia and Coral Eye.  Participants will be expected to demonstrate what they have learned and discuss the results.

Visit http://reefcheckitalia.it/bangka-bando-2017.html for more information. For further details contact Reef Check Italy at postmaster@reefcheckitalia.it