October 30, 2014

Save Reefs with Your Holiday Purchases from nine five ltd.

\"\" Help make a difference this holiday season by supporting the “PUT A LID ON” movement by nine five ltd., a headwear and apparel company dedicated to supporting the greater good. Valid until December 15th, select Reef Check as your cause and use the coupon code REEFCHECK when checking out to receive 10% off your order. In addition, 20% of your order will be donated to Reef Check and saving reefs. That means that every time a customer buys a hat and selects Reef Check, they are helping us educate a child on the importance of reefs by providing them with a children’s book that will hopefully inspire them to protect what they love.

nine five ltd. was started with two goals in mind: to provide individuals with a headwear brand that defines their personality, their lifestyle and what they stand for…but more importantly, to team up with charities and foundations who seek to put an end to environmental, health and other global problems.

nine five ltd is a three word point of view worth paying some attention to. nine five stands for the 9 am to 5 pm routines we get caught up in – you know, when you start to simply go through the motions – and “ltd” stands for Live This Day. The adage “live this day” is the driving force and motto that nine five ltd. believes in and lives by. nine five ltd. believes it is our job to live each day on this earth to the fullest, help the less fortunate achieve the same and do everything we can to ensure a better tomorrow. This is where their “PUT A LID ON” movement comes in. The “PUT A LID ON” movement uses the purchasing power of their fans to benefit the earth and help those less fortunate live a better day. nine five ltd. is committed to donating 20% of every purchase made on their site and turning the contributions into something that supports the greater good.

Visit them at ninefiveltd.com