June 17, 2006

Reef Rescue in the Dominican Republic, June 17

Dominican Republic
Reef Check Fundraiser to Help Save Precious Coral Reefs in the Caribbean
Saturday, June 17, 6pm – Marina Casa de Campo – Santo Domingo, DR

With Special Celebrity Guest:
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A successful launch event for Reef Check Dominican Republic was held at Marina Casa De Campo, La Romana on Saturday June 17.  The lovely Kelly Hu was the featured Reef Check spokesperson. The participants were touched to hear from someone who also grew up on an island, and who could understand the value of coral reefs. Kelly also snorkled on the beautiful reefs of Catalina Island, a marine protected area with healthy coral reefs.  The event also featured presentations by Elena Brineman, Director, USAID Dominican Republic, and RC Dominican Republic Director Dr. Ruben Torres.  Reef Check thanks everyone who joined for Reef Rescue DR including the wonderful people, businesses, and organizations who helped sponsor the event and who donated time and items for the fundraiser.

Pictures from the Event Below:

Kelly Hu, Reef Check Exec Director Gregor Hodgson, Michael Donald

Mitch Allen, Kelly Hu, Reef Check DR Director RubenTorres

Mitch Allen, Michael Donald

Nina Flohret, Gerardo Terrero, Humberto Ruiz, Ruben Torres, Oswaldo Orgini

Philip Silvestre, Mitch Allen, Elena Brineman, Michael Donald
Rebeca Albright, Ruben Torres, Alexis Medina, Kelly Hu, Evelin Diaz
Tony Torres, Alexis Medina, Oswaldo Orgini, Humberto Ruiz

Benefit Committee:

Ruben Torres
Jania Brache
Jose Alejandro Alvarez
Cor. Valerio Garcia
Janet Brito
Neika Nunez
Sponsored in
part by:
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If you have questions regarding the event or any items you may have purchased at the RR06 auction,
please call Reef Check at 310-230-2371 or E-mail our event coordinator: info@reefcheckdr.org

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