June 27, 2008

Reef Check survey and training at Club Magic Life Kalawy Imperial

Reef Check Germany e.V. was commissioned by Magic Life to do a study on the health status of their house reef at Kalawy Bay, 30km south of Safaga, Egypt, and to give recommendations for sustainable use. The surveys were carried out by a team from the Red Sea Environmental Centre in March 2008, shortly after the opening of the hotel. The team consisted of marine biologists Christian Alter, Nina Milton, Miriam Reininger, Victoria von Mach and Bob Molenkamp. In addition to the Reef Check survey, the team observed the coral diversity and carried out a quantitative analysis of fish and mollusk species. During the study, six dive instructors from Magic Divers were trained as part of Reef Check’s EcoAction Program to become certified Reef Check Trainers. It was great to see how motivated the staff were, given that all Reef Check activities were voluntary and carried out in their spare time. The great interest, not only from the dive instructors but also their guests and divers, made it a terrific success. Thanks again! With the support of the newly trained EcoDiver Trainers, regular Reef Check surveys will help track reef health at the house reef of Magic Life Kalawy. Click here to read the full report.

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Magic Divers and Reef Check team members Tom & Volker prepare the transect line Red Sea Environmental Centre Reef Check Team