July 2, 2007

Reef Check Serves as NGO coordinator for IYOR2008

In 2006, Reef Check Executive Director, Dr. Gregor Hodgson, proposed that 2008 be declared International Year of the Reef. The proposal was approved by the International Coral Reef Initiative, the highest level government and non-government organization working on coral reefs and subsequently by the NOAA US Coral Reef Task Force (USCRTF). IYOR 2008 is intended to increase public awareness, and actions to conserve coral reefs. One of the major activities is the signing of the International Declaration of Reef Rights with a goal of 1 million signatures, and formal signing by coral reef country leaders. Please show your support for coral reefs and sign the Declaration and send it to your friends.
For IYOR 2008, NOAA is working through the USCRTF to organize governmental activities, and Reef Check has been asked to serve as the non-government organization (NGO) coordinator. Our task is to reach out to as many NGOs as possible, including nonprofit organizations, academic centers, and businesses, and get them involved in this effort. If your organization or business would like to participate, please contact Mary Luna at: iyor2008@reefcheck.org and see:
http://iyor.reefcheck.org. We look forward to having you as a partner in IYOR 2008!