February 25, 2016

Reef Check National Coordinators Wanted

Reef Check is an international organization with a focus on citizen science as a pathway to coral reef conservation. While we have offices and volunteer teams in many places around the world, our goal is to set up training programs in each country and territory with reefs.

Reef Check is looking for volunteers to help coordinate training and monitoring, by either setting up a new Reef Check program where one doesn’t exist or by helping an established coordinator already running a program. We prefer candidates to either be full-time residents of the country they coordinate, or have multi-year plans in place to do biological work.

Reef Check provides support in the form of training materials and information on how to obtain funding.

If you are interested to set up a Reef Check program, please contact us at ecodiver@reefcheck.org.

For more information on our EcoDiver training program, please visit https://reefdpd.wpengine.com/ecodiver/about-ecodiver/.