August 27, 2009

Reef Check Joins Up With “Cabo and Coral”

\"\"The secret is out! Cabo and Coral’s Secret Surf Spot! is an inspirational and educational children’s color picture book authored by Del Mar surfer Udo Wahn M.D. and illustrated by the talented artist Hanna Daly of San Diego, California. This adventurous tale is a sequel to the immensely popular hit Cabo and Coral Go Surfing! Dr. Wahn’s approach to the book is captivating, entertaining, and offers the child an opportunity to learn about the “Aloha Spirit” and the joys of a surf trip with family and friends. Children will learn that “Aloha” is much more than just hello or goodbye- it is about love, kindness, sharing and living in harmony with the environment and with others.

Dr. Wahn has kindly embraced Reef Check as part of the book, and through its pages, he reveals his thoughts on sharing and preserving our precious ocean resources. For more information, and to order your copy, please visit: