May 14, 2010

Reef Check Italy Launches New Monitoring Initiative

Reef Check Italia onlus will launch WE MAC 2010 (Week End of the Coastal Environment Monitoring) on June 5-6. Reef Check Italia Foundation will coordinate a series of activities along the entire Italian coast involving volunteer scuba divers who wish to contribute to improve knowledge about the marine environment.

The initiative aims to promote the protection and understanding of the Mediterranean Sea. Partners of Reef Check Italia Onlus will be Marine Protected Areas and Diving Centers. Participants will join researchers during data collection, increasing the knowledge about the monitored areas.

To participate, no particular certification is required, the most important thing is the enthusiasm to contribute to a scientific project in collaboration with researchers. The activity consists of the research of some species to better define their range of distribution along the Italian coastline and will be organized as a treasure hunt. Before diving, for each species included in the CEM project, the researchers will explain the habitat characteristics where every singular species usually can be found.

At the end of the dive the data collected will be stored in a database, constantly updated. Volunteers will receive an attendance certificate.

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