October 30, 2014

Reef Check Is Now Accepting Bitcoin Donations!

\"\" Bitcoin is the new digital currency and Reef Check is the first marine conservation organization to accept Bitcoin donations.

Bitcoins are transferred without the intervention of a bank or financial institution and can be bought and sold globally over the Internet.

Why did Reef Check decide to adopt Bitcoin?

Since 98% of Reef Check runs on a volunteer basis, the value of any donation is multiplied by the work of thousands of volunteers around the world. With Bitcoin, your donation will mean even more – Bitcoin processers charge lower fees than banks meaning your donation goes further toward protecting our oceans. Reef Check is using BitPay to process Bitcoin donations.

More than a million people around the world are using Bitcoins. Reef Check has operations in over 90 countries and territories making Bitcoin a great option for our global donors to help protect the reefs and oceans.

How else can donations be made online?

Reef Check is still accepting donations by PayPal, credit card, eCheck and Google – we have added Bitcoin to give donors yet another option. There are more and more organizations starting to accept Bitcoin every day from local stores to online merchants and even other non-profits such as Greenpeace.

We at Reef Check are trying to make the process of giving as easy and enjoyable as possible so that we can continue to rely on your support to help us in our mission to save the oceans.

Visit https://bitpay.com/103817/donate to make your donation by Bitcoin or https://my.reefcheck.org/myaccount/make_donation.php for any other payment method.