December 16, 2008

Reef Check Indonesia 2008 Summary

In 2008, Reef Check Indonesia continued its coral reef monitoring work and expanded its public education and awareness program. They categorized their work into three areas (pillars) that form a synergetic relationship: Education and Awareness, Conservation Science and Technology, and Joint Management.

Education and Awareness:
Together with Coca-Cola Indonesia, Reef Check Indonesia ran a “Let’s Do The Right Thing” campaign.  The campaign targeted local people in Sanur and Nusa Lembongan, as well as young people in Indonesia, to become a part of the garbage solution for the coastal areas.  Activities included a beach cleanup, an amateur video competition, and other fun events that gained support from local stakeholders.  The long-term goal is to raise awareness as well as create tools and a system for the public.

Reef Check Indonesia also launched two websites this year: Goblue, a public webportal about marine conservation, and Mycleanreef, to promote a clean reef through individual solid waste management.  Both websites are in Bahasa, the national language.

Reef Check Indonesia is also working together with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to develop and test an underwater guide for megafauna.  Testing is expected to start this month.

Joint Management:
Reef Check Indonesia continued its community program started in 2005 by launching a marine management area in Tejakula District for Earth Day.  They now help with maintenance (by working closely with the village’s authorities), monitoring, as well as education through their local Reef Check Centre.  The centre has hosted library development and diver trainings.

Together with CORAL, Reef Check Indonesia has also started work at Misool Raja Ampat and Bali to develop coral reef sustainable destination (CRSD) sites. They are currently working on stakeholder mapping before full implementation in 2009. This collaboration will also facilitate the expansion of the Reef Check EcoAction program.

Conservation Science and Technology:
Together with WCS and Coastal Oceans Research and Development in the Indian Ocean (CORDIO), Reef Check Indonesia has worked on a coral reef resilience program for Bali and Aceh.  The surveying for Bali begins this December. They have also worked with WWF since October to collect data for the reef fisheries trade in Indonesia, to gain more data and an increased understanding of how to manage them.

Reef Check Indonesia’s Ten Year Survey Report was also released this year.  The English version can be downloaded here.