May 17, 2012

Reef Check Goes Up In Lights With theBlu

New York’s Times Square shone even brighter as Reef Check partnered with theBlu to raise awareness about ocean conservation through technology. TheBlu’s kickoff celebration took place in Times Square on May 4th, when video screens showcased theBlu, supporter logos, and “love letters” to the ocean sent in by people around the world.

TheBlu is a web-based interactive app designed to inspire creativity and raise awareness about ocean conservation. Inspired by the world ocean, it is a digital art exhibit of ocean habitats and species, created by artists and developers from all over the world. It’s like having an ocean aquarium that you can play with right on your computer screen.

Most importantly though, theBlu experience brings awareness to the sacredness of our oceans and supports oceanic conservation efforts worldwide. Download theBlu at