June 4, 2009

Reef Check Florida Schedules Training and Survey Session, June 27th

Have you always wanted to do your part in ocean conservation? Well now is your chance to help us with research for the Coral Reef Management Program (CRMP) here at Pro Dive.

If you’re already a Reef Check surveyor, then great, come out and make a difference!

The CRMP is a coral reef monitoring and management system that focuses on establishing Marine Protected Areas to conserve coral reefs while encouraging sustainable use of surrounding reefs by local residents.

* Educate the public and governments about the value of coral reefs and rocky reef ecosystems and the crisis facing them.

* Create a global network of volunteer teams, trained and led by scientists, that regularly monitor and report on reef health using a standard method.

* Facilitate collaborative use of reef health information by community groups, governments, universities and businesses to design and implement ecologically sound and economically sustainable solutions.

* Stimulate local action to protect remaining pristine reefs and rehabilitate damaged reefs worldwide especially through the creation of Marine Protected Areas.

Discover Reef Check:
Check in: 9:00 am
Dive time: Boat leaves at 2:00 pm for shallow reef, to be picked by Reef Check Instructors.
Cost: $150
Includes: materials, equipment, 2-tank dive.

Already a Reef Check Surveyor:
Check in: 1:00pm
Dive time: Boat leaves at 2:00 pm for shallow reef, to be picked my Reef Check Instructors.
Cost: $75
Includes: 2-tank Reef Check research dive and equipment.

For more information or to register please call
954.PRO.DIVE or (800) 776.3483