August 30, 2016

Reef Check Eco-Tours Now Available in Marina del Rey

Matt WalshReef Check Eco-Tours are now being offered to the public in Marina del Rey, California every Wednesday-Friday from 10:00am-1:00pm and from 1:30pm-4:30pm. Each tour is a 3-hour highly interactive marine conservation program that gives guests the chance to become a Marine Biologist for the day aboard the 75ft \”Matt Walsh\” boat. The program aboard is focused on teaching people of all ages about marine ecosystems and how to carry out scientific investigations of the coastal waters surrounding Los Angeles. Through this program, we hope to raise awareness about the value of ocean resources, threats to ocean health, and solutions to these problems. We seek to create a new generation of people who understand these issues and will be willing to spread their knowledge throughout their communities.

What to expect
When you arrive, you will receive a set of illustrated cards to guide your marine science investigation aboard the boat. The program will last approximately 3 hours of which half the time will be spent learning about ocean science and half the time will be spent learning about and observing marine mammals.

The program will start with a 10-minute presentation/program introduction regarding general marine science and the role of the Reef Check Foundation. On the way to the outer harbor, you will be able to view and learn about marine mammals and sea birds. Once there, you will learn about ocean ecosystems at two to three different stations focusing on oceanography (waves and currents), water quality (pollution), and observing live fish, invertebrates and even microscopic plankton swimming.

After the tour, you’re invited to stop by Reef Check Foundation Headquarters to meet the team and learn more about what we do.

Pricing: Child (12 & under): $20.00 & Adult: $35.00

Visit our website to book your tour today: