November 8, 2007

Reef Check Dominican Republic Holds Successful Fundraiser

Reef Rhythms were heard at the Hard Rock Cafe Santo Domingo on October 25th 2007, where Reef Check Dominican Republic held their annual fundraising event.

This event was a continuation of RCDR’s mission to protect coastal marine resources in the Dominican Republic, and the objective this time was to raise funds to support the management and protection of La Caleta Marine Protected Area (MPA), for which RCDR recently obtained co-management rights.

 The event started at 8pm and included a full open bar and appetizers. Among the artists who donated their talent for this party were Wason Brazoban, Pavel Nuñez, Marel Alemany, Lenny Abreu and DJ Bubba.

“We must come together with effort, vision and hard work to really protect this MPA, which is a vital part of the DR MPA network, and is the source of the valuable natural resources that make our island a known tourist destination for its clean water and white sandy beaches,” Ruben Torres, RCDR Director said.

La Caleta MPA is renowned for its high underwater biodiversity and unique geographic location, and thus is the ideal and preferred location for many local and visiting recreational divers.

Reef Check Dominican Republic would like to thank sponsors, donors, media representatives, local celebrities and guests who showed their great support for the protection and management of La Caleta MPA. Dr. Torres also reminded us all that 2008 has been declared the International Year of the Reef, when many conservation activities will take place all over the world.