June 26, 2015

Reef Check Dominican Republic Announces its Environmental Marine Gastronomic Certification

\"\"By Reef Check Dominican Republic

In May, Reef Check Dominican Republic presented the details of “Aqua Check,” its innovative Environmental Marine Gastronomic Certification program. It was created this year so that businesses associated with the selling of fish and shellfish could employ sustainable and environmentally responsible practices and actions, and at the same time comply with existing national regulations like seasonal bans on capture of marine species.

“Aqua Check” encourages sustainability in business and the use or selling of prime marine products. The program will provide education and training for employees of involved businesses. It will also monitor and maintain environmental practices through both regular audits by capable verifiers and surprise inspections by undercover clients/buyers, all of whom will have been trained by Reef Check DR.

Rubén Torres, president of the Reef Check Foundation Dominican Republic is excited about “Aqua Check” because it will spawn greater levels of knowledge and respect for marine species as they go through different stages of reproduction, as well as help expedite the compliance and enforcement of national and international regulations.

For further information regarding “Aqua Check,” please write to info@reefcheckdr.org or call 809-227-4409.