May 22, 2008

Reef Check California Releases Two-Year Report

The Reef Check California survey season is off to a roaring start.  Since April, we have held trainings on Catalina Island, in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, Vacaville, and Monterey.  Our volunteers have completed surveys at eight sites so far this year and are rearing to go on our ambitious plan for the remainder of the season.  California volunteers who are looking to plan ahead for upcoming surveys should check out the online forum.  We have posted a Statewide RCCA Diver Calendar which lists the large majority of the survey sites and dates for the entire survey season.  You can find this downloadable form on the “RCCA Certified Divers” index of the forum.  Each entry follows a two letter code indicating the geographical region of the survey.  Please use this opportunity to take part in surveys both close to home and in not-yet-explored regions of the state! 

Our Two-Year Report is now available for viewing on our website both as a full 36-page document plus two appendices, and as a more condensed Executive Summary.  This is a great resource for learning about specific survey sites and/or entire regions of the state.  Come see how RCCA has grown since 2006 and view the products that have been created with the hard work of our volunteers! 

Stayed tuned for more as the diving season progresses in California. See you in the water!