January 29, 2009

Reef Check California January 2009 Update

By Reef Check California Director of Science Cyndi Dawson

A new and exciting 2009 lies before Reef Check California and we are looking forward to continuing to solidify RCCA as a major force of change in marine management. Although we, like everyone, are facing new challenges due to the economic crisis, we continue to benefit from the support and dedication of our members which becomes even more critical at times like these. With a new administration comes a new focus on science and a rehabilitation of its use in resource policy making. A notable appointment in the marine policy world was that of Dr. Jane Lubchecho, a marine scientist from Oregon State University, to head the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This is a real sea change (pun intended) on how the United States will manage not only marine resources but climate change as well.

We have put the final touches on the 2009 Training Schedule and we encourage folks to spread the word and get your friends and neighbors involved! There is no better way to take direct action to improve marine management in California than to become a trained RCCA diver. We are also starting a pilot program this year that will allow non-divers to participate in the classroom portion of the class to learn more about marine management in California, including species identification. If you are an experienced certified diver please visit our training page and sign-up, the spots are going fast!! If you are a non-diver and are interested in taking the RCCA Training Course please contact california@reefcheck.org for more information and pricing.

We continue to be on the front lines of improving marine management in California and we need your continued support! So if you aren’t a member join us and if you are a diver, sign up for a training in 2009!