February 26, 2021

Reef Check California 2021 Trainings Open for Registration

survey dive team

Reef Check California’s 2021 training classes are now open for registration, providing five locations across the state- Humboldt, Fort Bragg, Monterey, Los Angeles and San Diego- to get involved in our kelp forest monitoring program as a citizen scientist diver!

Each training consists of four roughly ninety-minute Zoom calls a week apart focusing on discussion and interactive activities. Between weekly calls, you will be required to complete a range of homework assignments, including reading the manual and practicing with flashcards, watching recordings of lectures, and completing quizzes. 

This is followed by one or two field weekends where you’ll get in the water and practice putting your newly acquired identification and scientific survey knowledge to the test!

For a list of course prerequisites, and to sign up, visit our registration page at reefcheck.org/california/training-schedule/

If you have been previously trained as a California Reef Checker, you can sign up for one of our recertification classes to get ready for the upcoming survey season through the Reef Check Volunteer Tool.