March 30, 2009

Reef Check Brochure On Persian Gulf Available

by Mohammad Ghavasi

The first Reef Check brochure on the Persian Gulf is now available thanks to the efforts of marine biologist Mohammad Ghavasi and funding from Sabet International Trading Co. The International Declaration of Reef Rights, a description about IYOR 2008 and an introduction to the Reef Check Foundation are all included in Persian. The brochure features wonderful photographs from Kish Island (by Mr. Bargahi), Farur Island (by Mr. Mohtarami) and Mr. Ghavasi’s last Reef Check survey in Nayband (by Mr. Buluki); all located in the Persian Gulf.

Mr. Ghavasi, a marine biologist from Iran, created the brochure as one of his efforts to contribute to IYOR 2008. Mohammad has also conducted many activities to raise public awareness about the status of coral reefs in the Persian Gulf. He translated, published, and encouraged people to sign the International Declaration of Reef Rights by distributing it at Khoramshahr Marine Science and Technology University, the “International Conference on Monitoring and Modeling of Marine Pollution (ICOMP 2008)” and at “Iran’s 6th International Fisheries, Aquaculture & Seafood Exhibition.”

Reef Check Foundation and Mr. Ghavasi thank all the people involved in these projects, including Mr. Pejman Eslami for his great contribution to the preparation of this brochure. Mr. Ghavasi looks forward to conducting more activities in 2009 aimed towards the preservation of the Persian Gulf reefs, please click here if you would like to contact him.