December 17, 2008

Reef Check Australia Releases Annual Report

Last month, Reef Check Australia released its first ever annual report, which showcases all of their amazing acheivements over the past year and celebrates what they have achieved over the past seven years.

Since its inception, Reef Check Australia has founded a number of successful coral reef monitoring projects including:
• the Great Barrier Reef Project;
• the Coral Trout Monitoring Project;
• the South East Queensland Reef Monitoring Project; and
• the Inshore Monitoring Program.

In addition, Reef Check Australia has developed an innovative education program for young people called Reef IQ which is aimed at tackling the causes of our environmental problems.

Also, they have commenced an Indigenous Community Engagement project on Palm Island that aims to provide an important catalyst to enable community-based coral reef management and potential employment opportunities based on the sustainable use and management of the marine environment.

Reef Check Australia also plans to launch the newly developed global Reef Check EcoAction Program which provides opportunities for tourists and young people to participate in coral reef conservation.

Click here to download a PDF of the report. Visit for more information.