June 26, 2024

Reef Check Australia Makes a Splash at the Australian Coral Reef Symposium

By Jodi Salmond, General Manager, Reef Check Australia

Our team was thrilled to be a part of the recent Australian Coral Reef Symposium (ACRS) held in Perth!

We presented two exciting talks based on upcoming research papers utilizing valuable data collected by Reef Check Australia volunteers.

·         One presentation focused on coral bleaching trends in Southeast Queensland (SEQ). 

·         The other explored the power of citizen science over 17 years, analyzing reef health data from SEQ.

The response was fantastic! We connected with attendees from across Australia, all passionate about protecting our coral reefs. It was also a great opportunity to see so many old friends still working in the industry, as well as so many new faces.

The ACRS covered a wide range of crucial topics, including bleaching, recovery and resilience, citizen science and innovative technologies.

It was inspiring to see such broad representation and enthusiasm for coral reef conservation. 

Stay tuned for upcoming publications based on the research presented at ACRS!

Australian Coral Reef Symposium
Australian Coral Reef Symposium