February 25, 2013

Reef Check and Body Glove Announce 1st Annual Dolphin Call Contest


On April 27, as part of Manhattan Beach’s Earth Day Celebration & Concert, Body Glove and Reef Check will be hosting the 1st Annual Dolphin Call Contest! This zany contest aims to create awareness of the plight of the world’s tropical coral reefs, as well as the rocky reefs here in California, and will include a raffle, giveaways and fantastic prizes from Body Glove for the best dolphin call. Dolphins are found in both tropical and California waters and often feed near reefs.

“Our hope is that kids and adults will have fun trying to communicate like dolphins, will learn something and be encouraged to support our work of saving reefs,” said Dr. Gregor Hodgson, founder and executive director for the Reef Check Foundation.

There will also be a special guest appearance and performance by the original dolphin call lady herself, the two-time Oscar nominated singer/songwriter, Carol Connors. Miss Connors is an enthusiastic conservationist, scuba diver, and an avid supporter of Reef Check. She will be performing her song, “The Dolphins are Coming, Let the Magic Begin.”

The contest is FREE and open to adults and kids, and starting April 1, dolphin callers can pre-register for the contest online at the Reef Check website or at the Reef Check booth on the day of the event.