July 1, 2005

Quiksilver Crossing Comes to California

Reef Check Sails into Los Angeles Aboard the Quiksilver Crossing

World’s Leading Reef Monitoring and Conservation Organization Launches New California Program as “The Crossing” Tours the State

For Immediate Release July 1, 2005

Los Angeles, July 1, 2005  — The most unique and ambitious surf and marine science expedition ever launched is stopping over in Los Angeles July 7-13.  For over 6 years and 90,000 nautical miles, marine biologists from Reef Check have sailed around the world with the Quiksilver Crossing – an expedition to find new surf breaks and study the health of remote reef ecosystems as part of Reef Check’s global reef monitoring and conservation program.

For the first time, the Crossing’s colorfully-painted ship, Indies Trader, is touring the West Coast to promote the Crossing’s mission.  A press cruise is scheduled for July 7 (12-2p), and a private celebration with Crossing and Reef Check supporters, including surf stars and Hollywood celebrities, is planned the evening of July 8 in Malibu.

The long-awaited arrival of the Crossing in the Golden State also marks the launch of Reef Check’s vanguard California Rocky Reef Program this summer.  “Reef Check California” will soon become the state’s largest volunteer reef ecosystem monitoring program with the goal of providing vital data to state and federal agencies.

“Reef Check’s participation with the Quiksilver Crossing is a great example of how businesses and conservation organizations can work together to help solve pressing issues like the global reef crisis,” states Dr. Gregor Hodgson, Founder and Executive Director of the Reef Check Foundation based in Pacific Palisades. “The Crossing has provided our scientists access to remote reefs that are almost impossible to reach by conventional means. Unfortunately, we found that these reefs, like most others, are under pressure from human activities, especially long-distance fishing fleets.  Sadly, the same over-fishing problems are affecting the rocky reefs in our own backyard here in California.”

Reef Check will launch its new California Program as the Crossing continues to tour the state.  Later this year, volunteer citizen divers will be trained by Reef Check scientist to monitor fish and shellfish populations along the state’s Central Coast.  In 2006, the program will expand to include Southern and Northern California.  The data collected by volunteer scuba divers, surfers, and fishermen will be made available on a website and scientific analysis will be used to support better management of California’s valuable ecosystems.

Dr. Craig Shuman, Reef Check California Program Director adds, “The rocky reefs along the California coast and off-shore islands are home to a diverse array of fish and invertebrates.  Large stretches of our reefs lack consistent, organized monitoring and study.  This program aims to fill data gaps in the existing monitoring network.”

Now in it’s 9th year of operation, Reef Check Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that maintains the world’s largest coral reef monitoring and conservation program.  Reef Check’s network of scientist and volunteer divers from over 80 countries and territories submit standardized data to the headquarters in Los Angeles for analysis and review.  International teams work with communities, governments and businesses to scientifically monitor, restore, and maintain coral reefs globally.   Reef Check’s California program is being made possible in part through a grant from the California Coastal and Marine Initiative of the Resources Legacy Fund Foundation.

The Crossing is a special program initiated in 1999 by International board riding and apparel company Quiksilver to sail the world’s oceans in search of unexplored surfing locations, have empathy for local customs and cultures, and provide Reef Check biologists access to remote reef locations for scientific study.

For more information about Reef Check, the Crossing and/or to coordinate access to the events listed above or a boat tour, please call Scott Sheckman (for Reef Check) at Tel: 310-230-2371  Email: california@reefcheck.org   OR   Jennifer Gross (for Quiksilver) Tel: 323-658-8700  Email: jennifer@EvolutionaryMediaGroup.com

Website for more background info: www.ReefCheck.org

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