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“Sea Voices” is a beautiful 192-page hardcover book by Duffy Healey and Elizabeth Laul Healey. The book focuses on the current issues that face our world’s oceans and is written in a “Question & Answer” format, so much of what is said is unpredictable, and often times, even shocking. The Healey’s interviewed well over 100 people from over 25 countries to keep a global perspective. Reef Check’s Executive Director Dr. Gregor Hodgson is featured in the book, along with interviews with other ocean experts (including Reef Check Honorary Co-Chair Dr. Sylvia Earle), musicians (Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz), athletes (Kelly Slater, Tony Hawk), environmentally conscious celebrities (Daryl Hannah, Pierce Brosnan), and even Royalty from Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, among many others.

“Sea Voices” is educational, inspirational, and captivating. It is also a call to arms. Although the book points out a lot of the things that are wrong with the ocean, it speaks about a lot of the great things about the ocean too, and why we need to protect it. The good news is that the ocean is very resilient, and if given a chance, it can recover.

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