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Haiti from Below is a high quality coffee table book of over 100 colorful pictures taken underwater along the northern coast of Haiti. Organisms featured are: various types of fish, a diversity of worms, corals, sponges, algae, landscapes and other colorful creatures in existence in the Caribbean basin. The pictures were taken between 2007 and 2010, in locations such as Baie de l’Acul, Cachal Beach, Caracol, Cormier, Fort Labouque, Fort Liberté, Isla Amiga, and Labadie. Nick Hobgood, a passionate diver/photographer who fell in love with Haiti “from below” while exploring the North, captured the beautiful images.

Some text and scientific data provided by the Reef Check Foundation accompany the pictures to explain the cause and effect of the reefs’ destruction and preservation, including an overview of the economic, social and cultural panoramas. Also included are some brief historical accounts of Columbus, the Buccaneers (“Boucaniers”), their role in smoking meat in Fort Liberté Bay for the Pirates on Tortuga, and other anecdotes. The overall tone is light, for an easy-read and general appreciation of the pictures.

The book is 9 x 12 inches with hard cover, printed in full color (hexachrome) on 142 pages of glossy paper. The book includes texts in both French and English and comes in a beautiful hardcover sleeve featuring the front and back cover artwork.

The goals of the book include:

– To raise awareness for the situation of coral reefs in Haiti and encourage a national action plan for their preservation

– To attract coastal tourism in Haiti

– To support the expansion of Reef Check’s EcoDiver program in Haiti

The authors have generously donated 100% of the proceeds of the first 250 books to Reef Check Foundation to support EcoDiver training on the north coast of Haiti.

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