The Value of a 20-Year Coral Reef Dataset: Local Conservation Can Help Protect Reefs from Climate Change

Reef Check’s two-decade long dataset allows researchers to track trends over this unusually long time period during which so many changes have occurred on reefs. Since 1999, dozens of peer-reviewed scientific publications have used Reef Check’s tropical dataset to answer questions at a local reef scale, a regional and even a global scale. The most recent paper published last month in the top scientific journal “Science” is getting a lot of attention because it provides a clear answer to an important question- what might affect the survival of corals following bleaching.

Thank You, Tidal Tees!

Reef Check was the grateful recipient of sales proceeds from Tidal Tees sustainable apparel in the month of May. Tidal Tees works to promote ocean conservation by donating all profits to ocean conservation organizations. Founder Sydney Bell is on a lifelong mission to save our seas through a combination of art, science, and conservation.

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Video Spotlight: 
What Lies Beneath…A Deeper Look at Gold Coast Reefs

Join Reef Check Australia and friends for this talk on the reefs of the Gold Coast first presented as part of Green Week Gold Coast activities. Gina Broadbent, a Reef Check Australia Ambassador, highlights some of the results to date from the reefs around the Gold Coast and the amazing marine life they have observed.

Reef Check Kelp Forest Program Expands into Oregon

In April, seven intrepid divers slid into the cold Oregon water off Port Orford to practice conducting surveys and to become the first ever Reef Check citizen scientists in Oregon. This class was the first step in launching the Reef Check Oregon program to help protect and preserve Oregon’s kelp forests. We also welcome Diana Hollingshead to our team as the Reef Check Oregon Volunteer Coordinator.

Reef Check Malaysia Talks Reef Resilience

As Reef Check Malaysia works increasingly closely with local reef stakeholders and develops a deeper understanding of some of the challenges facing communities and managers alike, several inter-linked themes are starting to emerge that need more attention: resilience, livelihoods and co-management. Resilience is a characteristic that can be both readily assessed and actively supported. Many scientists believe that supporting resilience needs to be a management priority and that local actions can influence the future resilience of reefs.

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