The Transect Line – May/June 2020
Invasive Algae Sargassum horneri Found in Monterey

During a dive along the Breakwater in Monterey, California in early June, Melanie Moreno, a Reef Check volunteer diver, observed what she suspected might be the invasive species, Sargassum horneri. Concerned that her find might represent the beginning of an invasion of this problematic species, she sent a photo of it to Reef Check, who confirmed the observation and immediately planned a dive to locate the specimen and look for others.

Reef Check California Adds Restoration Technicians

This month, Reef Check welcomed two additions to the California program staff. Morgan Murphy-Cannella and Ian Norton will both serve as Restoration Technicians, working along the Mendocino coast as part of Reef Check’s Bull Kelp Restoration Project. We welcome both to the team!

Video Spotlight:
Corals of the Golden State

In temperate waters, such as California's, reefs consist of rocky substrate rather than the coral reefs of the tropics which are the calcified skeletons of hard corals. Nevertheless, there are corals on California's reefs, called gorgonians; they attach themselves to the rocky substrate. Much like soft corals in the tropics, they play an important role in the kelp forest ecosystems on these reefs.

Malaysia’s Tioman Marine Conservation Group – A Success Story

In 2015, the Tioman Marine Conservation Group formed as a team of 25 local villagers from Tioman Island, Malaysia. Now five years later, this group has proven successful in the co-management of the island’s marine resources. It has demonstrated how a local community can rise to the challenge of participating in the management and protection of its natural resources.

Australia’s North Queensland Showing Signs of Continued Reef Health

Reef Check Australia recently headed to Fitzroy Island and the Low Isles on the Great Barrier Reef to complete surveys and check in on current levels of bleaching, as well as recovery from the severe bleaching that hit the region in 2017. Strong signs of continued health, reef growth and a relaxing sea turtle were all welcome and positive sights for the team.

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