Top: Zack Schultz, Jonah Rubash, Michelle Halpin;  Bottom: Kellie Long, Laura Allen

2022 Dirk Burcham Golden Slate Award Recipients Named

Each year, Reef Check’s Kelp Forest Program celebrates the exceptional dedication and commitment of its most active surveyors in each region with the Dirk Burcham Golden Slate Award. Congratulations to our 2022 survey season honorees: Michelle Halpin (Washington), Zack Schultz (Oregon), Kellie Long (Northern California), Laura Allen (Central California), and Jonah Rubash (Southern California).

Emirates Diving Association Certifies First EcoDivers of 2023

Emirates Diving Association (EDA) in Dubai has certified three of seven Reef Check candidates from their first group of EcoDivers in March. Congratulations to Tony Sidgwick, Gilly Roberts, and Andrew Bray! Under the guidance of EDA’s Reef Check EcoDiver Trainer Rania Shawki Mostafa, all three shone in their practical exams at 3 Rocks in Dibba, Fujairah and they are now certified to take part in survey dives. Click below to read what the new EcoDivers thought about their experience.

Reef Check Malaysia’s Annual Survey Report & Strategy for Marine Park Management

The year 2022 saw a huge increase in the number of sites surveyed by Reef Check Malaysia (RCM) for their Annual Survey program, which has now run for 16 years. A total of 323 sites were surveyed, an increase of 117 sites from the 206 surveyed in 2021. The surveys indicate a slight improvement in the percentage of Live Coral Cover, a key reef health indicator, but RCM urges the government to intensify efforts to protect reefs and offers several recommendations in their survey report.

Allen Coral Atlas Releases Updated Coral Bleaching Tool

Allen Coral Atlas recently released a new version of its coral bleaching monitoring system, including biweekly bleaching data from 2019 to the present. This unprecedented data release helps resource managers react to bleaching events as they occur and decision-makers to prioritize areas for restoration and mitigation. In partnership with Coral Reef Alliance and using monitoring data from Reef Check and others, the Atlas team has spent the past two years gaining feedback from local experts about coral bleaching events to compare with the method for iteration and improvement.

Video Spotlight: Reef Check Big Sur Part 2 –
Restoration Efforts

Reef Check began the Big Sur Restoration project in October 2022. The purpose of the project is to conduct restoration and understand if and how early intervention can be beneficial to protecting kelp forests. Efforts will continue into 2023, stay tuned for updates! Click here to view Part 1.  Video shot and edited by Marco Mazza

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