Bringing Back Kelp Forests in the Monterey Peninsula

Kelp forest restoration along the Central Coast of California is underway with rapidly developing progress! This year, our Central Coast Reef Check Team is leading the charge on restoration at two sites along the Monterey Peninsula: Tankers Reef and Lovers Point. Read more to find out how you can help!

Long-time California Reef Checker Peter Ottersbach Retires from Diving

Peter Ottersbach, one of the original Reef Check California divers trained in 2006, has decided to retire from diving after 15 years of involvement with Reef Check. He volunteered 114 days over 13 years, taking part in over 100 surveys documenting the state of our kelp forests. All of us at Reef Check want to sincerely thank Peter for all of his great work!

Reef Check Welcomes New Director of Development

Reef Check is excited to welcome Brooke Truesdale as Director of Development. Equally passionate about environmental conservation and connecting generous donors to worthy missions, Brooke is excited to show Reef Check’s donors the impact of their support and share the incredible success of Reef Check with new audiences.

Video Spotlight: 
Dive into a Changing Ecosystem: From Lush Kelp Forests to Urchin Barren

In March, Reef Check’s Kate Vylet participated in this webinar hosted by the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and O’Neill Sea Odyssey, examining the unprecedented outbreaks of purple sea urchins that have decimated kelp forests within the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary over the past six years. Through underwater photography and observations by Kate, and a scientific discussion by Josh Smith and Karen Grimmer, this talk outlines how science, art, and community observation intersect to inform the path forward.

Reef Check Malaysia Releases 2020 Annual Survey Report; Suggests Stronger Local Management

Reef Check Malaysia has published its 2020 report on the status and health of coral reefs around Malaysia. The report concludes that, while overall coral reef health is reported to be in fair condition, some areas are showing signs of decline that need to be addressed. The surveys, which were conducted at 210 sites across Malaysia, are a continuation of a National Reef Check Survey Program that has now run for 14 years.

In Memoriam: Carina Escudero, Ocean Warrior & Champion of Champions

Reef Check is saddened by the recent passing of a Reef Check Philippines champion, Carina Escudero. Carina generated small but prevailing waves of dreams and aspirations for future conservationists, and we will honor her memory by continuing to educate and empower Filipinos to conserve their seas and coral reefs. Click below for a poignant tribute from Reef Check Philippines.

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