The Transect Line – January/February 2019
2019 Training Schedule Posted for Reef Check California

Register today! Our 2019 Reef Check California training classes are now open for registration, providing 10 locations across the state to get involved in our kelp forest monitoring program! If you have been previously trained as a California Reef Checker, then please sign up for one of our 12 recertification classes to get ready for the new survey season.

Video Spotlight: Join Our Team – Reef Check California

Still undecided about joining our California kelp forest monitoring program? Check out this video to see what you can expect!

An EcoDiver in Kelp Forests: My Experience at the Annual Reef Check California Retreat

Reef Check Tropical Program Director Dania Trespalacios shares her stories from this year’s Reef Check California Retreat in Big Sur. Dania came away with new excitement for the potential for all Reef Check teams worldwide. Whether you prefer kelp forests or coral reefs, Dania thinks there are three ideas at the heart of Reef Check. Click to read more about this year’s adventure at Big Creek Reserve.

No-Trash Triangle Initiative: A report on the Reef Check Italy Expedition in Indonesia

Committed to combining local action with scientific research to prevent the Coral Triangle from being suffocated by plastic, the No-Trash Triangle Initiative united participants in the recent Reef Check Italy EcoExpedition in Bangka, Indonesia with a local school to raise awareness of the importance of corals and the negative impacts pollution has on reef health.

Reef Check in the News

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Could Hong Kong’s hardy corals be key to saving the world’s threatened reefs? – South China Morning Post

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