June 27, 2011

New EcoDivers Trained in Curacao


Submitted by Reef Check Curacao Coordinator, Marjo van den Bulck

Curacao, a small island in the southern Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela, is the site of some of Reef Check’s most recent training rounds. Within two training sessions, most of the volunteers from Reef Care Curacao became certified Reef Check EcoDivers.

The picture shows the participants and trainers from the first round of training. The second training session took place in April, and added four more certified divers to the team.

Reef Care Curacao has been collecting monitoring data since 1994. Twice a year, a Reef Check EcoDiver Training is offered for new Reef Care volunteers to ensure that we are able to continue sending accurate, up-to-date data to Reef Check. Reef Care Curacao currently has a very enthusiastic and motivated group of volunteers, and the Reef Check EcoDiver Training has certainly contributed to this.

Great thanks go to Uniek Curacao for generously offering the use of their meeting room and facilities.