October 30, 2018

New EcoDiver Team Trained in Kona, Hawaii

Submitted by Aquatic Life Divers

Meet the newest EcoDiver team in Hawaii- Team Aquatic Life Divers! Based in Kona, Aquatic Life Divers (ALD) completed its first Reef Check EcoDiver training program on October 19-21. They had an amazing weekend with Dr. Gregor Hodgson, Founder of Reef Check, and all participants were certified in both the Hawaiian and Indo-Pacific regions. Heather Howard, General Manager of ALD, recounts, “We had a bit of a swell, which made our underwater surveys a bit more of a challenge, but it only made us better citizen research divers for all future survey work. Thank you Greg for teaching and inspiring us. We are excited to continue the Reef Check work here in Hawaii and look forward to certifying many more Reef Check EcoDivers! Come to the Big Island of Hawaii to participate with us!”