May 20, 2008

Marine Management Area and Reef Check Centre launched at Tejakula District, Bali, Indonesia


Putu Bagiada, head of the Buleleng District, signs the Marine Management Area board at Bon Dalem

Submitted by Reef Check Coordinator Naneng Setiasiah

On Earth Day, the head of the district of Buleleng, Putu Bagiada, launched a Marine Management Area (MMA) at Bondalem village in the Tejakula Subdistrict of Buleleng, Bali.
“The initiation in Bondalem is an inspiring smart action by the community and the government,” said Nurjaya, head of the tourism department of Bali Province, who gave a welcoming speech before the launch. The tourism department also presented a donation for families in the village as part of the government’s village development plan.
Naneng Setiasih from the Reef Check Foundation Indonesia (RCFI) said that village development is extremely important for conservation. She also said that resources should be managed in an integrated way with economic development, education, and access to sustainable resource use.
The MMA initiation began in 2005 as part of the MAMTI project (Marine Aquarium Market Transformation Initiative) in which RCFI, MAC (Marine Aquarium Council), and CCIF (Community Conservation Investment Forum) collaborated to help the passionate Bondalem people manage their area together.
To support the MMA, a Reef Check Centre was established at Sembiran village, two villages away from Bondalem. The centre was dedicated by the Kubu Parisanta Bungalows as an information, training, and ecotourism centre that is run for, and by, the community.
“There is still a lot of homework to do. But we are optimistic that we can do it with our ‘gotong royong’ [Bahasa for working together as one community] spirit,” said Ngurah EC Sadu Adnyana, the head of the village of Bondalem.
For more information, please contact RCFI coordinator Naneng Setiasiah.