March 1, 2006

March – November 2006: Thailand EcoExpeditions

THAILAND: March – November 20

Snorkel and dive Thailand’s amazing coral reefs to conserve biodiversity. Thailand’s coral reefs are some of the most magnificent and diverse on Earth. Like many of the world’s reef systems, Thailand’s reefs are facing the pressures of overfishing and destructive fishing practices, like cyanide poisoning and explosives, as well as the threats posed by global warming and coral diseases. Reef Check, a non-profit organization, has been monitoring and surveying coral reefs around the world to provide baseline data to management organizations since 1996. Now, Dr. Georg Heiss and Kim Obermeyer, both of Reef Check, are joining forces with Earthwatch to do baseline assessments of Thailand’s resplendent coral reefs and to set up a long-term monitoring program. With this information, government agencies and local communities can effectively participate in managing and conserving these beautiful reefs and the biodiversity they support.

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