March 13, 2017

La Caleta Marine Park: Win-win Conservation by RC Dominican Republic

From left to right:  Vice Minister of Protected Areas and Biodiversity Daneris Santana, Reef Check Dominican Republic's Dr. Rubén Torres, and Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Dr. Francisco Dominguez Brito

The Dominican Republic's Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources has formally delegated the management of La Caleta Marine Park to Reef Check Dominican Republic (RCDR). Under the leadership of coral reef ecologist Dr. Rubén Torres, RCDR has been co-managing the park for many years using ecotourism as an economic incentive for fishermen to conserve natural resources. Commenting about his project Dr. Torres said, “La Caleta is a prize-winning model of collaboration between government, NGOs and local communities where local livelihoods, conservation, research, education, and management of marine resources meet for a common goal of sustainably using resources for the benefit of all.” At Reef Check HQ we are often asked, \”How can citizen-science lead to successful conservation?\” La Caleta is one more exciting example that will be a model for the Caribbean and the world. Congratulations to Dr. Torres and his wonderful Board of Directors.