June 1, 2006

JUNE, JULY, AUGUST 2006 – California REEF CHECK CALIFORNIA monitoring trainings begin in Southern and Central California

Initial Spring/Summer RCCA trainings are SOLD OUT. But please contact us regarding our waiting list. More trainings in S. California being added for Falll. Check back soon.

More Information:

Stretching over 1,000 miles, California’s coastline is the gateway to a unique and often under-appreciated marine ecosystem. Offshore, just below the surface, kelp forests and rocky reefs play home to a vast array of marine life supporting a diverse array of consumptive and non-consumptive human uses. Unfortunately, similar to reefs around the world, the rapid growth of California’s population, coastal development, pollution, and overfishing have placed increasing demands on our nearshore resources. Many organisms that were previously common in high numbers, like abalone, are now almost gone.

Reef Check California aims to build a network of informed and involved citizens who support the sustainable use and conservation of our nearshore marine resources. To accomplish this, volunteers will be trained to carry out surveys of nearshore reefs providing data on the status of key indicator species.

Using a relatively rapid survey, leveraged with man hours from volunteer teams, it will be possible to survey many sites each year. Not only will this help fill gaps in the State’s existing marine monitoring network, but will allow all ocean users to contribute their valuable knowledge to the management process.

By joining Reef Check, either as a volunteer or a general member, you’ll be contributing to the preservation and informed management of one of California’s most precious resources.