April 20, 2007

JUNE 9, 2007 [Kauai] 2007 Clean Oceans Conference

On Saturday, June 9, 2007 Save Our Seas (of Kauai, Hawaii) and Reef Check Foundation will cosponsor the “The 2007 Clean Oceans Conference”, which will be held at the Princeville Resort in Kauai, Hawaii. 

1997 was the first International Year of the Reef, and was an awareness building year for the world’s oceans and coral reefs.  The 2007 Clean Oceans Conference support the International Coral Reef Initiative, NOAA and Reef Check Foundation in choosing 2008 as the International Year of the Reef.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the first ever Reef Check in the world, which was completed in Kauai on the reef adjacent to the Princeville Hotel.  The Clean Oceans Conference will mark this anniversary by presenting scientific papers comprised of data secured through Reef Check coordinators throughout the world, and the opening presentation of the scientific session will be delivered by Reef Check’s own Dr. Gregor Hodgson, who will address the topic “Finding Effective Solutions to Coral Reef Conservation” In that presentation, Dr. Hodgson will address current problems on the world’s reefs, review where we have come over the last ten years, and propose various ways that we can save the world’s reefs through research, education and conservation.