February 28, 2023

Join the Team! Kelp Forest Monitoring Trainings Now Open

Photo: Marco Mazza

Reef Check’s Kelp Forest Monitoring training classes for 2023 are now open for registration, providing nine opportunities in California, Oregon and Washington for divers to get involved as citizen scientists.

The Reef Check Kelp Forest Monitoring Training course is designed to provide participants with the skills and experience to complete the Reef Check Kelp Forest Monitoring survey protocol. In addition to survey methods, the training will address safe diving practices, techniques of research diving, sampling design and theory, general marine ecology including species identification and interactions, and the importance of monitoring to meet marine management needs. Trainings include a combination of online in-person training, recorded lectures and at-home work, and in-person ocean field sessions.

For a list of course prerequisites, and to sign up, visit our registration page.

If you have been previously trained as a Reef Checker, you can sign up for one of our recertification classes to get ready for the upcoming survey season at http://calendar.reefcheck.org.